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Welcome to Tatum Ribbon Designs

Tatum Ribbon has manufactured high quality wired ribbons for over twenty years. Our styles include a number of dupione silk, cotton and taffeta fabrics in popular, unique designs.
In addition, we offer tubular crin acrylic ribbon, Swiss Stretchy, that has been used as a gift package wrap, in theatrical costume designs, cypherlox hair extensions and innovative lighting productions.

We began offering Christmas tree skirts in 2002 to complement our wired ribbon and provide a more complete holiday decorating design.

Please note this is a wholesale site with a $100 minimum. A business name and federal tax identification number will be required to place an order if you are located within the United States. A tax identification number is not required for foreign companies or individuals shipping outside the US.


Payment information update: We now accept PayPal as well as Visa, Mastercard and American Expess.

To view color samples for our wired ribbons or Swiss Stretchy, or samples of our tree skirts, please click on one of the photographs to the left or the category listing in the navigation bar. Thank you.

Wired Ribbon
Most of our wired ribbons are available in six different widths: 5/8", 1 3/8", 2", 2 5/8", 4" and 6". The roll lengths vary from 10 yards to 33 yards depending on the fabric.  In addition, we offer a number of different finished edge colors.

Please see the Price and Style list for more information or call us at 800-261-9117 to request samples.
Swiss Stretchy Tubular Crin

Our Swiss Stretchy, or, tubular crin offers a unique package wrap for all ocassions. Stretchy ribbon is resiliant and springs back into shape after many uses.

The tubular crin is also used in the design cypherlox hair extensions, theatrical and dance hair pieces and numerous innovative presentations. Swiss Stretchy is available in 40 yard, 10 yard or 5 yard bags.

Please see our Price and Style List, pages 3 & 4, in the navigation bar for a list of available colors. Call 800-261-9117 or email info@tatumribbon.com to order.

Click on the photgraph on left to see images of all colors or click on Tubular Crin on the navigation bar.

Christmas Tree Skirts

Our Christmas Tree Skirts provide the final touch to your holiday decorations. All skirts are 54" in diameter plus the width of the trim.

Please click on our Price and Style list on the navigation bar to view the skirts, prices and available trims. Click on the photograph to the left to view the tree skirts and call us at 800-261-9117 to order.